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Anhkor Wat toursCambodia is a relatively new destination in Asia. Some places are newly discovered and there is still a very small amount of visitors. The   temples    beautifully built and decorated with carvings. You get the chance to   travel into a new places for your vacation, you will enjoy with our magnificent temple of     Angkor Wat   and other temples in     Siem Reap, relax at the calm beaches of Sihanouk Ville, museum, Royal Palace and Silver Pagoda in Phnom Penh city, waterfalls and tribal people in     Ratanak Kiri.

Everybody knows Angkor. It's legendary, and for good reason. But Cambodia doesn't end there. A broad range of activities, on and off the beaten path, enable visitors to pull back the curtain and discover the depth of the country's true beauty. Venture into the wilds of the northeast on a nature trek, where friendly hill tribes welcome you into their world. Take to the Mekong River as it snakes through the heart of the country, its banks becoming a showcase for Cambodian life. And there's always the fabled temples of Angkot Wat. Cycle tours let you outpace the crowds without sacrificing a thing.

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Cambodia, bordered by Laos, Thailand and Vietnam, has a fabulous heritage, warm friendly people and ...

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