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About Thailand Sightseeing

Thailand SightseeingThailand is full of color and vibrancy and the sites spell out just this. The places in and around Thailand are as fascinating as it can be and they have all the ingredients to make your tour a fascinating experience. Here are some of the places that you can visit-

Ancient City (Muang Boran), Thailand

This city is almost like a doorway to the multi faceted cultural heritage of Thailand.

Buddhist Temples of Bangkok

This temple is the highest in Bangkok constructed on a man made hill.

Grand Palace, Bangkok

This has been the home of the king and also the seat of administrative practices of the land.

Bang Pa-In Palace, Ayutthaya

It has a history that dates back to the 17th Century and it is located just 40 miles north of Bangkok.

Doi Suthep, Chiang Mai

This temple is one of the most popular and the most revered among all the temples in Thailand.

Chao Phraya River, Thailand

This lies in the central part of Thailand and it is considered to be the life line of the people.

Suwan Ku Ha Cave, Thailand

It is famous for the innumerable beautiful Buddhist statues.

Suan Mokhaphalaram Temple, Thailand

This famous temple is set in a forest and it was built by Ajarn Bhikkhu Buddhadhasa.

Ko Lan, Thailand

It is just 7.7 km from Pattaya and it is one of the biggest in the eastern part of the Gulf of Thailand.

Golden Triangle, Thailand

This is the merging point of Laos, Thailand and Myanmar and it is the northern most point of Thailand.

Elephant Camps in Thailand

Here one will enjoy soccer being played by elephants and how these creatures can take in about 200 commands.

Ao Nang Beach, Thailand

This lies at the center of Krabi and it has grown from a small fishing village to a popular tourist destination.

Hot Springs, Chiang Mai

These are located in the Fang district and there are about 50 hot springs here.

Khao Luang Cave, Hua Hin

It is the most important cave in Petchaburi as it has a dressing Buddha image.

Ratchadamnern Boxing Stadium

Here you will see the power house of raw energy of the Thai boxers and the fetas should be seen to be believed.

Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm and Zoo

This was founded in 1950 by Utai Youngprapakorn the famous crocodile King. It is among the world's largest crocodile farms.

Mae Sa Elephant Training Center

This rank among the best of the elephant camps in the Mae Sa valley and you can enjoy the sight of these gigantic creatures at play.

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