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Customer Service

Customer Service

Ghale Treks is fully authorized travel and trekking company by Nepal Government. we have responsibility and guaranteed for your vacation arrangement. You are welcome to see our proof paper which we had received by Government of Nepal below:

Ghale Treks authorized by the Government of Nepal Reg No: 12685/056/057.
Ghale Treks is authorized by the Government of Nepal Reg No: 15646/057/058.

Ghale Treks, we're committed to exceptional customer service, and we're proud to have huge experienced more than 15 years in travel tourism feild.

We Guarantee:

To undertake services with the upmost integrity and value. To offer more than the required amount to fulfill obligations for the service purchased.
On top of simply just providing a great service, there is a guarantee that anything that you don't like about the service can be talked about with us and arrangements made to change the issue that you have.

We take customer feedback very seriously, so that we can provide you with the absolute best and most personalized service possible. our goal is to guarantee your enjoyment and pleasure in seeing the great country of our destinations.
If for any reason you don't feel we're living up to our reputation or our guarantee, our president, Mr. Ghale Ram, wants to hear from you.

Please email to Mr. Ghale Ram directly at ram(at) and let him know how you feel. Making every single customer so pleased with our service that they tell all their friends is at the very core of our business philosophy.

We believe that relationships with real people are important. When you send email to sales(at), you'll get a response back within 24 hours(More likely, it'll be within an hour, but we'll promise you at worst it'll be a day.), we are working in 365 days in a year. When you call us and talk to one of our travel specialists, they'll give you and what you're looking for. We check our emails in the every hour so we can take care of emergencies for our customers.

Thank You!

Your Sincerely
Mr. Ghale Ram Bahadur
Ghale Treks Inc.


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