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Flights FAQs

Can I redeem airline coupons or vouchers?

Can I choose my seats?

Can I choose to have a paper or E-ticket?

Can I get a refund? (Partial/full/fees/medical/bereavement)

Can I hold a reservation?

Can I pay for my ticket with anything other than a credit card?

Can I travel with my pet?

Can I upgrade my ticket?

Do I need a Passport to travel?

Do I need travel insurance?

Do you Offer Bereavement, Student or Senior Fares, Government and other Special Fares?

How Do I Access and Print My Itinerary?

How do I book multiple flights or stopovers?

How do I contact you in case of an emergency?

How do I enter Frequent Flyer Numbers?

How do I make changes to my reservation?

How do I reconfirm my flight?

How do I request special meals or assistance?

How do you verify my credit card?

How Far in Advance Should I Buy My Ticket?

How soon should I check in for a flight?

How do I book online?

I am going to an unfamiliar country, should I take precautions?

I did not receive my confirmation email what should I do?

Is there a charge to ship a paper ticket?

My name is misspelled what should I do?

What are Electronic tickets and how do I use one?

What are the restrictions for Children?

What are the restrictions for Credit Card acceptance?

Why was my credit card declined?

What happens if I lose my paper ticket?

What happens if I miss my flight?

What happens if the fare drops after I purchase my ticket?

What is My Baggage Allowance?

What is the difference between published and special fare?

What should I know about one way travel?

What special visa or travel document will I need?

Why am I required to fill out an authorization form?

Why did I have a schedule change on my flight?

Why do I have multiple charges on my credit card?

Why don't I recognize the name of the airline?

Why is a fare shown then not available?

What do I need to know about the new entry formality (ESTA) required for the United States from 12 January 2009?


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