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Sustainable Travel

Sustainable Travel

Ghale Treks as a member of Sustainable Travel International and the International Eco-Tourism society, we are always aware of Natural environment and local Tradition and Culture. This tour is created to making a low impact on the environment and culture and the main aim of sustainable travel is to ensure that development brings a positive experience for the local people, visitors as well as tourism entrepreneurs.

With the Ghale Treks decided to promote one of the best sustainable village tourism in SAARC Region. As a result, the second model village tourism of Nepal, Ghale gaun, Lamjung which is popular for its natural beauty as well as warm hospitality. Ghalegaun has been recently crowned as the No. 1 village tourism destination in SAARC Region. Settled with the Ghales, Gurungs and the Mid-Hill people of Western Nepal, Ghalegaun is located in Northern part of Lamjung District with an altitude of 2070 meters from the sea level. Ghalegaun is a place from where one can get the panoramic view of the Himalayas. Ghalegaun was named a model village after 2056 B.S. The young people of the village are immigrating to Foreign countries for employment, beside this Ghalegaun has been so popular that it has its own norms and values, rules and regulation. Thus, today this destination is known as one of the unique Location with a picturesque hamlet of about 105 Ghale and Gurung style houses.

As believing "Guest as God", the warm and sincere hospitality of the people of Ghalegaun to their visitors makes the visitors overwhelmed. Welcoming with a flower garlands and Tikas is one of the speciality of Ghalegaun. People here live in a traditional way which has been continued since pasts. They live in an ethnic style by cultivating their own grains and food items, animal husbandry and attractions.

One can also experience different cultures and tradition of the Ghales and Gurungs like on Death ceremonies, Birth and Marriage Ceremonies and different festivals like Baishak Bazaar (Ghantu Dance), Ghyabring, Krishna Charitra and Jhakri. Beside this, clothes and bags from fiber and scarf, towel and shawls from wool. And different range of Iron and bamboo product. Honey Hunting is also one of the main attractions of Ghalegaun. People use their experienced skills and hang on a cliff 300 meters above with the help of Bamboo and hemp ropes. They use the honey for medicine, religious programs, festivals and ceremonies.
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