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Ms. Denise Zonker and Mr. David

Hi Mr. Ghale,
Ghale Treks

We just got home last night! Tibet was wonderful and the guide was very friendly and helpful. We were pleasantly surprised since you had mentioned that the Tibetan guides are usually not as friendly as the Nepal or Bhutan guides. I would recommend that you use that company again!

The Lhasa Hotel was a little run down - I know that I had requested it based on some web sites here in the US, however, it might benefit you to look around and suggest other accommodations to future guests. We arranged for only breakfast and I would recommend that to your future clients as well. There were bigger groups that came in and stayed at the Lhasa Hotel and they had vouchers at the hotel for all their meals - and although they prepared Western food - it really wasn't very good. There are some very good and
clean local restaurants that were excellent.

David and I hare just getting back to work today - so much to get caught up on. Thanks again for your good service.we will be sure to recommend your company to any of our friends and please feel free to us our name as a reference to any future clients of yours.

Ms. Denise Zonker and Mr. David

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