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Rawal Lake

There are various picnic spots in Islamabad and Rawal Lake is one of them. This beautiful lake is one of the top sightseeing spots in Islamabad. Though in Islamabad, this lake can be accessed from Rawalpandi as well. It is also the place that is the mainstay of water in both these cities. In fact the Rawal Lake is a reservoir. This lake is located in the Margalla Hills National Park. This park and its area are surrounded by the mountain range of Himalaya. To make the Rawal Lake attractive for travelers there are various kinds of plants and trees. You will be able to take the pleasure of watching blossoming flowers here. There are many flower trees here. This garden is a good place to organize a family get together like picnic. Travelers will appreciate the beauty of the surroundings. You can also test your patience by trying your hand in angling. Boating can be another option to have some fun.

Moreover, the Rawal Lake especially some parts of the garden gives a clear view of the Margalla and Murree Hills. If you manage a higher spot in the garden then you will be able to experience a full view of the lake.

You can also get to a high spot just to get a hypnotizing view of the two cities, Islamabad and Rawalpindi. After visiting this place travelers will understand why this lake is one of the most popular Islamabad Tourist Attractions.

As far as the wildlife variety in this part of Islamabad is concerned the list is pretty long. You will find waterfowl. Travelers can capture the photographs of various mammals here, some of which are of endangered kind. These include Pangolin, Yellow throated marten and porcupine. If you are lucky you may come face to face with various snakes. Among these the Indian Cobra and Russell's viper are worth mentioning. Various kinds of birds are also available here.

Thus attractions in Islamabad tell you the variety of interesting places that you will find here. So, if you want a memorable vacation then do come to Islamabad.
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Rawal Lake
There are various picnic spots in Islamabad and Rawal Lake is one of them. This beautiful lake is on ...
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