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Bhutan City ParoNormally, Paro is both entry and Exit point of Bhutan there can be few more charming valleys to be welcomed by, or from which to remember the land of the Thunder Dragon. As you climb down from the aircraft and take your first breath of Bhutanese air, you will be struck by the silence and peace of Paro’s valley. A destination all of its own, Paro is home to the national museum and watchtower to one of the oldest and most celebrated dzong in all Bhutan. At 7,382 ft Paro is the site of Bhutan's only airport and is the most beautiful western valley.

Paro Town is small but one of the most beautiful town in Bhutan. This beautiful valley is home to many of Bhutan oldest monasteries and temples. MT. Chomolhari (7,300 M) reigns in white glory at the northern end of the valley whose glacier water forms the Pachu flowing through the valleys.

Apart from commanding a slightly elevated strategic point overlooking the longest stretch of the Paro Valley, Paro Dzong is symbolic as the religious and secular centre of all affairs of the valley. It Is also an architectural wonder, setting the tone for official dzong? Throughout the kingdom and inviting the visitor to wonder at the cultural strength of the kingdom's heritage. The dzong itself was conceived in the 15th century and finally consecrated In 1646. Above the dzong is the old watchtower which is now home to Bhutan's national museum. The museum's collection includes ancient Bhutanese arts and artifacts, weapons and stamps, birds and animals. This is typical of the eclectic beauty of Bhutan - its prized objects bear little relation to each other but as a whole stand together as a history of one of the world's most pristine people.

It is said that Guru Rinpoche, the father of the Bhutanese strain of Mahavana Buddhism, arrived in the Paro Valley more than a arrived in the Paid Valley more than a millennium ago on the back of a legendary tigress. He meditated for three months in a cave where a monastery was later built and called Taktsang Lhakang or Tiger's Nest. Visitors to Paro can take a closer look at the monastery by ascending either on foot or by pony for about three hours to Tiger's Nest. Walkers can enjoy a well-earned rest at a BTCL coffeehouse situated at a wonderful vantage point of the monastery.

Places of interest in Paro:

Rinpung Dzong
- Rinpung means "Fortress on a Heap of Jewels". It was built in 1646 AD by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal. A walk through the bridge to the Dzong, over a stone inlaid path, offers a good view of the Dzong.

Ta Dzong - Built in 1951, was once the watch tower for the defence of Rinpung Dzong during inter-valley wars of the 17th century. The visit to the Ta Dzong will provide an insight into the rich and unique cultural heritage and tradition of Bhutan.

Drugyal Dzong - Drugyal means "Victorious". It was built in 1646 by Zhsbdrung Ngawang Namgyal to commemorate his victory over Tibetan invaders, led by the Mongolian warlord.

Kyichu Lhakhang - It is one of the oldest and most sacred temple in the Kingdom of Bhutan, dating back to the 7th century.

Kila Goenpa - It is a peaceful home for Buddhist nuns who have dedicated their life to spiritual fulfillment and lead undisturbed lives of religious studies, prayer and meditation.

Druk Choeding Lhakhang - It is also known Tshongdoe Naktsang, it is the town temple. This temple was built in 1525 by Zhabdrung Chhogyel.

Dungtse Lhakhang - This Lhakhang was built in 1433 by the iron bridge builder Thangton Gyalpo.

Taktsang Monastery - Popularly known as the Tiger's Nest. It is Bhutan' most venerated temple. It is located on the side of a 900m cliff above the Paro valley.

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