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Creek Park Dubai

Dubai CreekThe natural seawater inlet that cuts through the centre of the city is the historical part of Dubai where visitors can take an abra (small water taxi) and view the old trading port and the dhows from the water. A cruise to Al-Maktoum Bridge will pass many of the city's historic as well as modern landmarks. A stroll around the wharf offers a picturesque glimpse of Dubai's trading heritage, where dhows bound for distant places dock to unload their goods.
The Creek, a natural sea-water inlet which cuts through the centre of the city, is the historic focal point of life in Dubai. A stroll along its banks evokes the city’s centuries-old trading traditions.
Visitors will be captivated by the colour and bustle of the loading and unloading of dhows which still ply ancient trade routes to places as distant as India and East Africa.

An attractive way to view the Creek and the dhows is from an abra, one of the small water taxis which criss-cross the Creek from the souks of Deira to those on the Bur Dubai side.

Boatmen will also take visitors on a fascinating hour-long trip from the abra embarkation points to the mouth of the Creek and inland to the Maktoum Bridge, passing on the way many of the city’s historic and modern landmarks.

Redevelopment work has transformed parts of the Creek’s banks. On the Deira side, a broad and well-lit, paved promenade extends from the Corniche, which faces on the Arabian Gulf, all the way to the attractive purpose-built dhow terminal constructed beside Maktoum Bridge.
On the Bur Dubai side between Maktoum and Garhoud bridges, Creekside Park provides pleasant paved walks and extensive landscaped public gardens.
At the inland end of the Creek is a large, shallow lagoon, now a wildlife sanctuary which has become a haven for migrating shore birds. Some 27,000 birds have been counted here at one time during the autumn migration. The most spectacular are the many Greater Flamingos which have made the Creek their permanent home.

Description: The 14km (8.7 mile) Dubai Creek is a natural seawater inlet that divides the city of Dubai into two parts – Deira Dubai and Bur Dubai – and is the heart of soul of the city. Long established for its ancient sea routes that reached as far as India and the East African coast, the Creek was originally only deep enough to accommodate smaller vessels and goods had to be transferred to traditional Arab sailing dhows at the entrance to the Creek.

Recognising the Creek’s strategic importance to the region, it was deepened in the 1960s and today functions as a vibrant port and vital part of the city. A wildlife sanctuary that’s home to over 27,000 birds has been set up at the inland end of the Creek. Reflecting the wealth of one of the fastest growing economies in the world, boutique hotels, golf courses and yachting clubs have sprang up along the Creek’s banks.

Air: Dubai International Airport. Water: Water taxis operate between Dubai and Deira. Rail: Currently no rail network but construction of a rail and underground network is underway. Road: Bus: Public services.

Discover the true beauty of Dubai while aboard a traditionally decorated wooden dhow (cabin cruise), as it sails along the Dubai creek under the moonlight. The major Dubai landmarks shine through the moonlit sky as the wooden vessel slips silently across the creek. The past and present architecture of the area is brought to its full beauty during this time, including the National Bank of Dubai, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Sheikh Saeed’s house, and the Heritage Village. This unforgettable romantic evening cruise includes a buffet dinner of either continental or oriental cuisine, along with soft drinks, traditional coffee, alcohol, and mineral water. The tour also normally contains various sorts of entertainment, which is accompanied by traditional Arabic music and a belly dancer.

The tour lasts for a duration of 2 hours, between 8:30pm and 10:30pm. The cost of the Dubai dhow cruise is US$ 49 (Dhs. 180) for adults and US$ 27 (Dhs. 100) for children. Guests are picked up between 7:00 and 8:00, depending on their distance from the creek.

Special facilities are available for individuals who would like to rent half or the entire vessel, which increases the romantic atmosphere of the cruise and is very popular for honeymooners. Renting the entire vessel can cost around US$ 547 (Dhs. 2,000) and renting half of the vessel cost around US$ 231 (Dhs. 850).
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Creek Park Dubai
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